Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boston Marathon Race Report

The weather was good. It was a bit foggy before the start and about 50F. We couldn't even see the fighter jet fly-by because of it. It seemed that the clouds burned off right at start time and we had quite a bit of sunshine for the most of the race.
I had a goal of 3:10 for this one, and knew it would be a formidable goal on this course.I stayed on pace real well most of the race and felt very good at the half.The warmer weather was good, and it seemed like there were twice as many Wellesley girls out as last year. And they were LOUD!!!!
I passed a lot of runners on the Newton hills. I can't believe so many good runners tank it so bad on the hills.The fan support was really strong from Boston College all the way to the finish.My legs filled with concrete from about mile 22 and beyond. All I wanted to do want get this thing over with. I pushed as hard as I could at the time and finally reached the "1 mile to go" marker beneath the Citgo sign.
I glanced at my watch and it read 3:03:10.
OK, now I need to really work to get this 3:10:00 or better.....I pushed it really hard and the fan support was phenomenal.
I saw Mary about 300 yards from the finish line on Boylston and felt tingly all over as I pushed it to the finish.
Final time - 3:09:50
Mission accomplished.

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