Thursday, September 18, 2008

48 hour treadmill record?

On Monday, my sister informed me that Dean Karnazes was attempting a 48 hour treadmill record on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during Guiness world record week on the show.
I've been tuning in a bit on the live feed, interested in seeing if he can do it.
Here is the link: (click on the 48 hours of Running live feed when you get there)
I just tuned in this morning, and he is moving quite well (43.5 hours into it).
There is not a mileage readout or counter there, so I have no idea how many miles he is at, or even what the record mileage he is seeking.
(My guess is that it is somewhere over 230 miles for the record)
I know that the mention of Dean amongst ultra runners usually has two responses.
For me, if it weren't for Dean - I would NEVER have run or considered running an ultramarathon.
Thanks, Dean - now go get that record!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Post-100 blues/recovery

I've got to be honest here.
Running wise, the past 18 days have been rough.
I put myself back to running only 2 days after completing my first 100 miler. I knew after I completed Lean Horse that I did not incur any sort of permanent injury (for which I am extremely thankful).
The reason I attempted to run that soon was that I am a firm believer that after a difficult race where you build a lot of muscle soreness (lactate), you just need to get out there and push through it and flush the "bad stuff" out of your body. I went out and ran, but it was like I was using someone else's body. Running stride was difficult and it just plain HURT all over - but nothing specific.
A few days later, the runs produced some very specific pains - SHIN SPLINTS!!
Shin splints are usually related to MTSS or medial tibial stress syndrome. It's painful, and can take a while to get through. I remember having them a couple of years ago, when starting to increase miles significantly. I'm certain now that the repetitive stresses of running 100 miles led to this.
So, I've been icing, stretching, toe raise exercises, biking more, resting more, to see if I can whip this thing.
It really sucks not running. Right now, I haven't run for 3 full days and am going nuts.......
I will try a short run tonight, as some of the shin pain has finally subsided today.
I feel that I am starting to pressure myself to get some solid training in before the NYC marathon on November 2, but I really need to get fully healthy first.
Anybody that has suggestions how to get through this the best way possible- I'm willing to listen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Luck to Superior Sawtooth 100 participants!

Good luck to all of the runners participating in the Superior Sawtooth 100 this weekend.
Adam Harmer , Julie Berg, Steve Quick, Carl Gammon, Pierre Ostor, Daryl Saari, Matthew Patton, and Helen Lavin are just a few of the runners I have met or had contact with in the past few months. I will be supporting you from afar.
I will not be coming up to North Shore for the run this weekend, but I will be thinking of you from 8AM Friday until I see the results.
Run smart, run strong....
Have a memorable time!