Thursday, September 18, 2008

48 hour treadmill record?

On Monday, my sister informed me that Dean Karnazes was attempting a 48 hour treadmill record on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during Guiness world record week on the show.
I've been tuning in a bit on the live feed, interested in seeing if he can do it.
Here is the link: (click on the 48 hours of Running live feed when you get there)
I just tuned in this morning, and he is moving quite well (43.5 hours into it).
There is not a mileage readout or counter there, so I have no idea how many miles he is at, or even what the record mileage he is seeking.
(My guess is that it is somewhere over 230 miles for the record)
I know that the mention of Dean amongst ultra runners usually has two responses.
For me, if it weren't for Dean - I would NEVER have run or considered running an ultramarathon.
Thanks, Dean - now go get that record!


Matthew Patten said...

After completing a few ultras, I finally got around to reading his book.

At about page 100 I turned to my wife and said, "you want to know why I do these? read this."

I had the same sort of "midlife crisis" with the need for more adventure in my life.

After tearing myself up on road marathons, I did the Superior 50k in 2006. I got sucked in quick.

I will celebrate this year with zero road races!.......and no marathons!....

Anonymous said...

the stated "record" is 241 miles, but actual record is 251 miles. apparently Dean, and Regis & Kelly have been notified that they're quoting the wrong number. check out

SteveQ said...

I'm of two minds about Dean, but glad he got you moving. The thing about multiday races is that they're more about sleeplessness than actual running. That's not for me!