Sunday, May 10, 2009

Success at New Prague Half!

Yesterday, Mary and I went to New Prague, MN to run the half marathon there.
This will be a short and sweet race report.
First of all, Schmoopie had a great day, setting a new PR!
She ran 1:55:06, wiping out her previous PR of 1:58:03 set 2 years ago!
It was a late decision for me to run this, but thought it would work as a "benchmark" race. My goal was to run around 1:26, as this is the time that most of the race predictor calculators will equate to a 3 hour marathon.
I ran the first 4 miles alongside Sonya Decker, she ended up winning the women's overall.
The pace felt good, and I drafted/used a couple runners ("Jake" and "Butch") when the wind got strong from miles 7-12.
Just before mile 12, I dropped the proverbial hammer.
My lap split from mile 12 to 13 showed a 5:46 and the Garmin showed a bit faster.
Came in at 1:24:06 for 9th/663 overall and 1st place AG in M45-49.
Smashed my prior PR of 1:27:00!
This was a real confidence booster for me.
It was a fantastic day!


Get Primal said...

Great job John! If we can get some decent weather you'll crush 3:00 in Duluth.

SteveQ said...

Twice your 1/2-marathon time plus ten minutes: 2:58. Adam's right; you're right on track. Congrats on the PR (and to the missus).

JojaJogger said...

Congrats to you both, awesome PRs! Sounds like Grandma will be begging for mercy ;)

Matthew Patten said...

I think you said a few months ago that we were in about the same shape.


Great job.

Looks like you have a few minutes to spare on the sub 3 if the weather cooperates.

Jessica said...

John, that is awesome!! Nice job! What a record breaker!