Monday, August 2, 2010

Success at Burning River!

Good news!
JojaJogger had success at Burning River 100. She finished in an official time of 29:39:16!!!
There were some very challenging times, but she dug down really deep and got the job done!
Sorry I didn't post earlier, but my Blackberry went into a bad funk at mile 72 and did not recover - kind of like a lot of the runners out there.
The experience of crewing and pacing at BR100 was fantastic!


JojaJogger said...

Thanks again to the best and most awesome pacer in the world.

Matthew Patten said...

Great job Sis!

Way to be like a Maas and bring it down to the wire!

I am guessing it was pretty hot and humid, too.

Glad it wasn't a "Mistake on the Lake"

SteveQ said...

Great. One more woman I'll have to add to my "Girls allowed to beat me in ultras" list. Or maybe I have to take a few hours off my 100 times.