Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oops,...I did it again....

Last night I made a great leap of faith and filled out my registration for an event that I have been contemplating for a loooong time.
I've considered this for the past year, ever since I completed my first 50 miler at the Endurance Challenge (north of Des Moines) last September 1.
I promised myself that I would give it a try if I got through the FANS 12 hour run healthy.
Then, I signed up and ran the Afton Trail 50K, and promised myself I would sign up if feeling good after that one.
Well, it's 4 days after Afton, and I'm feeling great!
I will step up the training for the next few weeks, and then challenge myself to another level on August 23rd.


SteveQ said...

Good meeting you at Afton (wish it were under better circumstances). If I heal up, I'm planning on the Lean Horse 50 and wonder if you'd be interested in sharing travel/hotel accomodations.

MN Ultra Runner said...

Glad to hear you're signed up! I'll have to pick your brain on 100 tips for my first at Superior. Maybe if you feel good after Leanhorse you can sign up for Superior! Go get 'em, you'll do great.