Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta love those new shoes

That's right, I got a new pair of shoes today. Runners look forward to new shoes like kids look forward to Christmas. What a thrill to try them on and take them for a spin.
The shoes are Pearl Izumi Peak XC Performance Trail shoes.
I'm kind of a shoe minimalist, and these weigh in at 9 oz.
They probably don't have a lot of protection, but I don't run in real rugged terrain either.
I took them out for a run tonight (about 10:00PM), and they really feel good. I ran for 5.4 miles and wanted to keep going....
I will run in them a few more times this week, and it is likely I will test them out at the Afton Trail Run 50K this weekend.
Ah, the thrill of new shoes.............

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MN Ultra Runner said...

Hey John,

Best of luck at Afton, I'll give you a shout!