Thursday, December 4, 2008

HADD test - Inspired by Matt

I just read Matt's blog and was very interested in testing my aerobic level of training using the test known as the HADD test.
It's a good time to do it, as I am just starting to ramp up more miles and it would be nice to compare some numbers and see if I can improve in the next few months with the higher mileage.
Thanks for the idea, Matt!
For the past couple of years, I have been pretty good about training in my aerobic HR zone and have benefited greatly from this type of training.
My max HR is 190, so I chose to target the HR averages at 130, 140, 150, 160, and 170.
I feel that my lactate threshold is somewhere between 160 and 170 right now.
I did the test on a treadmill to try to get a very consistent environment to run this test.
So, here are the results:
Int#: HR_Avg Pace
1 129 9:20
2 139 8:22
3 149 7:48
4 159 7:19
5 169 6:39

I know that I am not in top running condition right now, but I am hoping to make some very good improvement just by increasing miles at low HR training (mostly 130-145HR runs).
I think that the best improvement I could hope for in three months would be to run the exact same paces at 10bpm HR less than this test showed.
That would be not too far from being in 2:59:59 marathon shape (one of my goals yet).


Matthew Patten said...

I am glad to inspire.

I hurt my brain trying to compare our results.

I think there is an equation in there somewhere where we would be able to compare, and then test in a race.

I would find that interesting. I am not concerned with who is better, though.

You took that one this year

Helen said...

Hi John - thanks for you comment. I am so glad you came through your shin problems (great NYC marathon report! congrats) - yes, in part for selfish reasons :)

It's take a few weeks longer than it should have but I think I'm finally okay with not running for a bit and switching to other activities. It will make January (or February??) running all the more fun!

When I do get back to it I am planning to christen my new treadmill (how ironic I just got one) with my first HADD test. I may need help with the calculations!