Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm OK

Hey, I haven't posted in quite a while. It's time I wrote down some thoughts.

Last night it snowed. About 4 inches of it. In fact, the snow started as I was running a 10 miler last night. It was a really fun run, except for going into the wind, when the snow/sleet mix was blowing into my eyes.

A new toy. Specifically a Blackberry Curve. I finally made the leap from a regular voice cell phone to a smart phone. I feel so connected.....Now I can text, email, take pictures, video, and lots more stuff I'll probably never learn. I even got my work email set up on it without bugging our IT people.

Better Health. I have been slowly increasing my mileage. The right tibia stress fracture has healed nicely and the leg feels better than ever. I have a few issues with hip flexors yet, but that is improving also. I have been doing more proprioceptive exercises to improve my running. This was much needed, as my balance and ankle strength were extremely poor.

Another Ultra? Yes, I am considering doing another ultra again. I really have not scheduled anything yet for 2009 yet. Any suggestions would be welcome....


SteveQ said...

The possibility of 15 hours at Rocky Raccoon should be tempting!

JojaJogger said...

There are 2 ultras in the next town over for you to consider. The first is an 8 hour run on May 18th and the second is a 50K on Nov 9th. Come on down and I'll crew for you.