Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five Year Flashback

June 17, 2004:
Not to the day, but sometime around this date.
This is what it was like.
Two years ago in 2002 I ran my first 10K. It was the Heritagefest run in New Ulm, MN. My very first road race of any sort. I don't know what my time was, but I remember other parts of it well. I hurt for days afterward. But there was a flicker, a spark of something within me that made me want to try it again.
You see, now I'm a seasonal runner. My goal is to do the Heritagefest 10K again. Every June, I get out and run for a bit. Run a mile, walk a bit, run a little more. Mary got me going on this. I can't run the full 3.5 mile route up to County Road 29 and back without stopping, but in the next couple of weeks...I should be able to work up to it.
The 10K is coming up next month, but it seems like the training gets tougher every time. I'm 2 years older than my first 10K. I'm 43 years old now, weighing a bit heavier than the year before. Somewhere around 180 lbs. I'm not fat, but I've got love handles and size 31 jeans are a bit snug.
The training runs are slower than last year. But I'm older. My best days are long behind me.
I get 2-3 runs in per week and end up being able to run the entire 3.5 mile route PLUS an additional mile without stopping on my final training runs.
On July 17, 2004, I ran the Heritagefest 10K.
I thought I did pretty good. Got through the entire distance. Official time was 52:51.94
It was in the paper. I still have that race result pinned on my bulletin board.

I stuck around for awards, thinking that I might have a chance for an age-group award. Nope, there were guys in their 40's kicking my butt.
But, Mary ran the two mile and placed in her division.
I felt beaten, I got down on myself and didn't run any more that year.

June 17, 2009:
Here I sit - 5 years later, with tears in my eyes reminiscing about my early running days.
Grandma's marathon is in 3 days.
I am not down on myself anymore.
I've run nearly 10,000 miles in the last 4 years.
I have a goal and I am prepared.
Sub 3:00:00
I am not beaten......I am going to do it.


Get Primal said...

That's a really cool that should be in the newspaper Grandma's weekend. Would probably inspire a lot of people that think they're too old or far gone to get in shape. My story is similar, maybe I'll write it today too. Good for you, looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Helen said...

You will do it!!! Great story. Not disimilar to my own though I am quite sure it was much harder to convince yourself to get into running in your 40's. But what an amazing few years. And still getting better!!! I'll look (ahead) for you at the start line.
Now I have to go check out Adam's blog...

Matthew Patten said...

Don't forget that smokin' fast time at Lean Horse 100 last year, and a top 100 ultrarunning time in 2008!

That's awesome.

This 3 hour pack on Saturday looks like it could be a fun pack.

SteveQ said...

Matt beat me to it: 3 hours is in the bag if you can do 100 in 18:37. My first few years of running had that same glorious feel - it's the next 30 that get iffy.

mandjhinterberg said...

Sub-3, nail it John!

Jessica said...

Such an awesome feeling of accomplishment already....I KNOW you will do it, but also keep in the forefront of your mind just how far you have come and all the other treasures that running has brought you. Good luck!! Kick some butt!