Saturday, June 20, 2009

Success at Grandma's

Got to be a hot one.
Bank thermometer shows 90F right now.
Full race report later.


Matthew Patten said...

Way to bring it down to the wire!

Excellent work!

How on earth did you post this before you even finished the race?

Beat my PR by.......8 minutes

Helen said...

Awesome job John!!!! That was a super race under the conditions (at least that's my excuse :) ) - recover well!

SteveQ said...

Told ya it was in the bag! Can't wait for the details.

mandjhinterberg said...


mandjhinterberg said...

Wait, I had just looked at your time.
*Now* I read about the weather also -- holy cow! I would've seriously thought about dialing it back! And maybe you did...? Amazing!

Jessica said...

Awesome!! We knew you could do it, but in that heat??? Amazing job John!~