Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh so close.....

Mary and I finished CIM marathon just a couple hours ago.
I am sad to report that Mary finished in 4:06:18 chip time (give or take a second or two) which is 19 seconds too slow to be a Boston qualifier.
She did so well up to mile 23, but just could not hang on for the final miles.
Yet, on the bright side, this was a marathon PR by over 12 minutes for her.
Also, there is plenty of time to get that BQ for April of 2011.
We are going to rest up a bit and then go out for some pizza and watch the Vikes dominate the Cardinals tonight.


SteveQ said...

Hey, cutting off 30 seconds a mile is great, even if it isn't a BQ.

Better than the Vikings game, too.

Helen said...

Congrats to Mary! No Q she will get there for 2011 with that rate of improvement :)

Hotlegs Runner said...

congrats to you both =)

him just passing by =)

Jessica said...

Good job for both of you!

The Sean said...

Just reading this now... It is important to not get lost in the externals of running. What she did was a great accomplishment~!

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats on a a great race