Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting ready for CIM

That's right, Mary and I are in Sacramento, CA right now. The California International Marathon starts at 7:00 AM tomorrow, and there is a nervous energy buzzing about.
Yes, I have not written anything on this blog for a really long time.
No, I have not stopped running.
Yes, I have been running less.

Since September, things have been quite busy for me, which leads to less running.
Mary, on the other hand has put in a really good training cycle this year. We are running CIM tomorrow for one sole purpose.

Mary will attempt to a run a 4:05:59 or better tomorrow in order to get a Boston Qualifier.
It kind of sucked that Boston Marathon 2010 registration filled up mid-November, but if all goes well tomorrow, we will be in Beantown in April of 2011.

It appears that CIM has a lot of really good, well qualified pacers tomorrow. I see that Tim Twietmeyer (5 time winner at Western States) is leading the 3:35 group.
I will be running with Mary, and we will tuck in behind the 4:05 group.

We've already gotten our race packets and numbers.
Mary is #3954
John is #3953
If you want, log in to tomorrow, click on the runner tracking and cheer us on!

I will try to be a good blogger and post something here after the race!


SteveQ said...

To be an international marathon, wouldn't you have to run from Sacramento all the way to Tijuana?

Best of luck to you both.

JojaJogger said...

Run Mary Run!

Matthew Patten said...

I hear that the marathon is all down hill.

I expect some serious speed from you, scmoopie