Monday, August 18, 2008

Countdown to Lean Horse

Only 5 days until Lean Horse.
I'm ready to get out to Hot Springs and run my first 100 miler. Right now there are 123 runners registered to run the Hundred. I will not be alone.
I find myself thinking about IT a lot.
I noticed that the 50 mile turn-around is near Hill City, on a street called "Deadbroke".
I guess I will go for dead broke.....and then do it again.
Co-workers think I am nuts. Others don't even comprehend when you tell them.
I had one co-worker ask, "So when's your next marathon?"
I replied, "Well, I'm running a hundred miler next week."
Co-worker: "Good luck with that one." It sailed right over the top....
I'm tapering well. My legs are feeling strong.
Saturday was my last preparatory long run. I ran "only" 15 miles. It went well - 8:30 per mile and I was taking walk breaks every 2.5 miles.
Went for 20 mile bike ride with Mary last night. Nice and easy and it was just what I needed.
I won't run much this week, probably less than 10 miles in the next 4 days.
Lots of stretching and rest.
Side notes:
I looked up some MN runners that were in CO this last week.
Julie Berg was at Leadville 100, but it appears that she pulled out of the race at about 100K.
I'll be looking for her race report.
There were a lot of MN runners at Pikes Peak and I saw that Dennis Wallach took 2nd in the 50's AG with a marathon finish under 5 hours.
Also, it sounds like the RTA and Afton runners had nice weekend runs under the full moon.
Way to go runners!

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