Monday, August 11, 2008

Dress Rehearsal AGAIN!

This past week was a good training week. As I am starting to taper for Lean Horse, I intentionally ran fewer miles this week. No racing, just training.
I went for another dress rehearsal on Saturday morning, starting at 5:45AM.
Again, I packed the cooler with essentials and ran my 5 mile gravel road loop. My goal was to run 6 laps (30 miles) and take a one-minute walk break at 2.5 miles and another aid station break at home by my cooler to restock.
Temperatures were nice, started out at 60F and climbed into the upper 70’s. Relative humidity was extremely high at the start (90+%) and I was pretty well soaked by mile 5.
Heart rate averaged in the low 120’s for the first 15 miles and climbed up into the 130’s for the final 15 miles.
My goal was to average around 9:30/mile including the walk breaks and stops.
Again, the final 5 miles I skipped the walk break and felt energized.
Overall, it was a very good preparation run for Lean Horse.
I’m really looking forward to August 23rd.
I just received an email from RD Jerry Dunn that Jamie Donaldson will be running Lean Horse this year. WOW!!
She was 3rd place overall at Badwater ’08, and smashed the women’s course record previously held by Pam Reed.
Maybe I’ll get to run a few yards with her if I speed it up a bit…..

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MN Ultra Runner said...

Hey John,
Cool news that Jamie will be running! If you're in the mood for a little night training I'll be running Saturday night at RTA in Eden Prairie. I was thinking of starting at 9pm. I forget where you live, it might be a bit far away.