Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taper madness

Yep, I've got full blown taper madness.
Lean Horse 100 taper madness.
I've had soreness in my shins, my left knee cap aches a little, a little stiffness in my hips, it keeps going on.
I know that I am perfectly healthy, but all these little twinges and aches are driving me crazy.
Now, I'm worried about getting sick.
I need to just get out to Hot Springs and start cure for taper madness I can think of.
Tommorow morning, Mary and I will depart Sleepy Eye and should arrive at Hot Springs around 2:00PM. I plan to take in the pre-race briefing.
Tonight, I will pack my stuff.
I will document my race goal right here, so that I can compare plan vs. actual after the race.
John's simple plan to run 100 miles:
Miles 1-25 - 10:00/mile avg
Miles 26-50 - 11:00/mile avg
Miles 51-75 - 12:00/mile avg
Miles 76-100 - 13:00/mile avg
I know this may be a bit aggressive for my first 100 mile race, as it points to a sub-20 hour finish. I'll do the best that I can to execute the plan and carry through the tough times.
I figure this might work since I had a similar plan for the 12 hour FANS.
At FANS, the plan was:
Hours 1-4: 9:00/mile avg
Hours 5-8: 10:00/mile avg
Hours 9-12 11:00/mile avg

My next post will be a race report on Lean Horse!


MN Ultra Runner said...

Good luck brother! Can't wait to hear the report!

SteveQ said...

Knock 'em dead!