Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cornerstone is set

I've always read, heard and strongly believe that the long run is the "Cornerstone" of the marathon training program.
Lately, I haven't been running well. The tibia on my right leg has been a real pain. And not many cornerstones have been set for the NYC marathon.
In a prior post, I planned out how I was going to get my few last long runs in before New York. Good gracious, it is only 2 weeks from tomorrow!!
I feel a bit better about all of this today. As I sit here at the computer, I still have some sweat on my back. I did it. Yep, 20.38 miles in 2:51:01 (8:23/mile).
In fact, it went well. No major pains. I did cheat a bit and took some Vitamin I (ibuprofen) before the run though.
Things are looking up...
The cornerstone is set.

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