Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting ready for New York

Ever since I've been set back with this shin splints/tibia stress fracture injury, there has a question in the back of my head. Will I be able to run NYC marathon on November 2?
Yea right, I just ran a 100 miler late August, and was doing marathons for training runs leading up to that. Boy, have I been humbled. I have run a total of 120 miles since my 100 - that's about 17 miles per week. And I feel that I have been pushing it pretty hard to come back.
Now, it is three weeks to go for the marathon. Last week I came up with this short and sweet marathon training plan for the injured ultrathoner.
Dates are relative to the marathon date:
4 weeks prior: 10 mile long run
3 weeks prior: 15 mile long run
2 weeks prior: 20 mile long run
1 week prior: 10 mile long run.
There is some good news here. Yesterday I was able to run 15.2 miles. I even felt good enough to push the pace a little bit to 7:30/mile for the final 3 miles.
Overall workout was 8:04/mile.
I'm feeling a lot better now about NYC...maybe there is a chance that I can run a nice little BQ AND have a lot of fun doing it?!?!?

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JojaJogger said...

Glad to hear your leg is better in time to run New York. Have a great time!