Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HADD Test Version 4.0

It's been a while since I've posted here. Also, another month has passed since my last HADD test.
Training has gone quite well, and I feel that I am in very good running condition right now.
Here are the results from last night's HADD test. I tried to keep every thing consistent from the start of these to see if this measure of fitness will detect any changes in my fitness level.
Int# HR_Avg Pace
1 130 8:43
2 139 7:56
3 148 7:26
4 158 6:59
5 169 6:34
It appears that I might be able to run slightly faster at the lower HR's, but the top end appears to be the same. I felt pretty good at interval #5, and could have gone much longer.
Here are the comparison results from February 9, 2009:
Int# HR_Avg Pace
1 126 9:07
2 138 8:05
3 149 7:29
4 159 7:04
5 170 6:34
New Goal:
I haven't talked much about my running schedule for 2009, as I have spent a lot of time considering my goals for this year. Three years ago, my goals were clear.
1. Break 40 minutes in 10K
2. Break 3 hours in the marathon
3. Run an ultra
4. Run a 100 mile ultra
I've accomplished 3 of these, but the 3 hour marathon goal remains. My PR is 2006 Grandma's (yep, one of those hot and humid years) of 3:07:43.
I've run a lot of races since then, but have never seriously trained for the sub-3 race.
Mary and I are registered for the 2009 version of Grandma's, and I am really thinking that if I focus on my training and lose the appropriate weight - it could be possible.
Here it is: My goal is to break 3 hours at Grandma's marathon on June 20, 2009.
I wrote it down.
Weight Loss:
Last week I started with a serious change in diet.
Now, I am very conscious about the calories that I am consuming. Mary is helping me a lot with this. I have been averaging 1,500-2,000 calories per day.
So far 2 lbs. lost and feeling good.
The toughest part is avoiding the bad sugars. My favorites are Cap'n Crunch, Heath bars, ice cream, Oreo cookies, any cookies, and maple glazed doughnuts. Pizza, broasted chicken, cheeseburgers, french fries also were a large part of my diet.
I've manage to avoid a lot of these, and am eating more fruits, vegetables, lean meat, etc.
My weight is 152 right now, and am hoping to toe the line at Grandma's weighing 145.


Get Primal said...

Great news on all fronts John! I didn't realize we were so close together during the 2006 Grandma's. I'm probably doing FANS two weeks earlier but maybe I'll go out with you and just hang on as long as possible. You'll get to 145 in a heartbeat with the new diet.

JojaJogger said...

Wow, those are some ambitious goals, bro. Best of luck in achieving them. BTW, I did not need that list of foods that I am also trying to avoid, I almost jumped in the car to drive to the grocery store.

Helen said...

Looking forward to seeing you at Grandma's - at least at the start line - not much after that! I am still talking about healthier eating but not doing much about it. I know I would have a much better chance of a PR at around 135 (as opposed to current 147) so I'd better get committed. Perhaps we can keep each other honest!