Sunday, March 29, 2009

Success with the FFLR

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the two types of long runs that I will be doing in preparation for Grandma's Marathon on June 20.
This weekend, it was time for the Fast Finish Long Run (FFLR). My goal was to go out for 12 miles @ 8:00 miles and then hit marathon pace for the final 6, finishing as strong as possible.
The run went well, averaging 7:54 for the first 12 miles, keeping the HR right around 140.
The final miles were 6:55, 6:46, 6:48, 6;43, 6:42 and 6:32.
It was tough to dig down for more speed at the end, but this is the type of training that develops both physical and mental toughness.
I write this as I sit in the ice bath, blogging keeps the mind away from the shivering.
Congrats to the Michigan State Spartans who will be representing the Big 10 in the NCAA Final 4!


Get Primal said...

Hey John, nice run! With Grandma's as your focus I assume you won't be doing FANS this year? I'll probably do the 24 hr and then do Grandma's for fun, but no firm plans yet.

JojaJogger said...

Nice run, I can manage about 30 seconds at that pace at the end of my short runs.

SteveQ said...

I've always wanted to do workouts like that and never have. Now, if you want to know about "start fast, end slow"... that I know well.