Monday, September 21, 2009

Superior Trail 50 in pictures

Here are some pictures that Mary took during the Superior Trail 50 on September 12, 2009.
Just before the start (David Wakefield, Val Shuster, myself and Brian Peterson)
Coming into Crosby Manitou Aid Station

Leaving Sugarloaf Aid Station (I fell again about 2 minutes after this was taken)

Leaving Cramer Road Aid Station

Heading down to Temperance River after the Aid Station.

Checking out the goodies at Sawbill (SteveQ to my right)

Leaving Sawbill with a "Thumbs-up"

Coming into Oberg with Helen cheering the incoming runners.

Finally, the FINISH at Caribou Highlands Resort

Talking with Brian Peterson right after the finish.

Visiting with Matt Patten after the finish

Receiving 2nd place Masters from Larry Pederson

Posing with Brian Peterson (2nd Overall and 1st Men's Open)

I've also compiled a rough summary of my splits for the race:
Leg Time Miles AvgPace
Sonju 1:17 7.5 10:16
Manitou 0:41 4.2 9:45
Sugarloaf 1:54 9.4 12:08
Cramer Rd 1:18 5.6 13:56
Temperance 1:35 6.0 15:50
Sawbill 1:11 6.8 10:26
Oberg 1:12 5.5 13:05
Lutsen 1:40 7.1 14:05
OVERALL 10:48 52.1 12:26

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SteveQ said...

"Checking out the goodies" is a little awkward, considering where it looks like your hand is in that picture!